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terminology management

Consistency is essential to ensure the company's identity and to guarantee a uniform perception of the corporate image

When inside a company different people coming from different countries cooperate in the development of the products, the risk of inconsistency is high. Lack of uniformity results in long and expensive revisions, whilst an effective terminology management allows cost reduction and increased effectiveness thanks to shared resources.
Consistent terminology is therefore the basis of effective communication. The terms used within your company will be specific, univocal, and mono-referential.

State of the art
With our skilled professionals, our expertise and up-to-date technologies we can support you in implementing terminology management projects aimed at formalising the language of your company.

identification and analysis of corpora ensuring consistency to your communication
term extraction based upon the approved corpora ensuring quality
segmentation and alignment of bilingual texts reducing direct costs, e.g. the revision costs
preparation of translation memories according to specific requirements decreasing indirect costs, such as costs related to loss of image resulting from ineffective communication
preparation and update of glossaries and termbases achieving uniformity in documentation

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