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Quality Tools

financial translation
To ensure quality, cutting-edge tools and standardised procedures are needed throughout the production process.

LQS have developed up-to-date methodologies for your success and ours

The use of the leading software SAP and the skills of our advisors allow our accounting procedures to meet the highest quality standards.

Information management / Privacy
We process your data according to the Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 "Personal data protection code".

Project Management
The Project Manager is your representative at LQS. He/she organises the project according to your needs, managing the necessary resources and ensuring full compliance with the project requirements and the achievement of the objectives.

IT resources
The use of cutting-edge IT tools and resources, as well as of professional CAT software, ensures uniformity throughout the project. Aimed at continuous improvement and spreading technologies, we signed an agreement with a leading IT company according to which: our freelance translators can purchase a known CAT software at a special price.

Recruitment policy
Being a translator does not simply mean knowing a foreign language. All our translators, revisers and reviewers meet the requirements set out by the standard EN 15038. A constant monitoring of their activities ensures continuous improvement.

LQS is committed to protecting the environment. We use products with minimal environmental impact and promote the sustainable mobility and a sustainable use of resources (light, paper, etc.).

Safety and Health at work
LQS procedures comply with the Italian laws and regulations, in particular with the Italian Legislative Decree No. 81/2008 "Consolidating Act on Occupational Safety and Health".

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